Victoria Art Center: Nature v2.0 Nucleu 0004

Victoria Art Center invites you Wednesday, January 20, 6 pm at the opening of the exhibition Nature v2.0 Nucleu 0004.

Nucleu 0004

Caught between the nostalgia of our destroyed habitat and maintaining and increasing our created comfort, we use today alternative environments that simulate natural spaces. Flora and fauna become a vague background on which looms the architectural repetitiveness. A return to the pristine paradise is illusory. There is only “upgrade “.
Artists: Lia Bira, Roberta Curcă, doamna Dia, Florin Frătică, Irina Maria Iliescu, Kiki Mihuță și Bogdan Olaru, Marina Oprea, Maciej Rerek, Rio Rio, Alexandra Terzi, Vangjush Vellahu.

Coordinated by Gabriela Mateescu and taietzel ticalos.
Nucleu 0000 is a group of young artists who are trying to understand what art means as an object of consumerism, environment and way of life. This effort of finding out, however, is not passive, but it seeks to generate a platform for young people who have chosen art field not by chance, but from dedication and passion. The group stimulates a response from the public, and by its actions aims to create a clear outreach of the presence of young artists on art market. Quality contemporary art exists and artists continue to create in spite of financial and social impediments. The artists hope to find an area where creativity and experiment, accumulated in long term projects, prove useful and worthy of attention from a cultural and economical point of view.