Victoria Art Center
Calea Victoriei, 12 C, Bucharest, Romania

Curator: Olivia Nițiș

IN-SIDE/OUT-SIDE (FREQUENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION) is a project by an important Romanian artist revealing in his relations with time, with the spatiality of knowledge practices, two faces (or more) of the same identity. The system separation is not understood as a rupture, but as an interval. His analytical nature is doubled by a poetic vision, yet are both building an interdependent relationship. One cannot do without the other.

For an artist whom experienced himself the exclusion politics of the years before the Revolution, but also the efforts of inclusion in another cultural geography (France), a critical discourse with political arrows would have been easy and handy, yet Inside/Outside is a project about thinking, identity and alterity through knowledge, about a system that is compulsory inclusive or totally exclusive, meaning it doesn’t exist. The other is I, marginality redefines center, I become through what transforms me.
Decebal Scriba defines his heterotopia, the interval or de-location, a space through juxtaposing other spatialities. This could be a heterotopia of compensation defined as intersectional micro cosmos. Surely it is something else, a physical and mental territory altogether. This place without place, a no man’s land is a way of approaching the functionality of memory, the nucleus of broken and dead times that are shaping the multiple faces of a moving identity. We are not coming across a laboratory discourse, of analytical reasoning, but rather with the flexibility of human geography.

Decebal Scriba (born 1944 in Brasov, Romania) lives and works in Avon, France. Works on conceptual photography, installation, performance, photography, mixed media. Participates in art exhibitions in Brasil, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovenia. Present in public and private collections in Europe and the USA.

Event sponsored by Alegra Nomad Gallery.