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Vika Mayzel is a young jewellery designer currently living in Prague and working on projects to keep your eyes on. Her creations are unique combinations of silver and other materials such as wool, leather or glass. We wanted to find out more about Vika and her work so we decided to sit for a chat. Read on to see what inspires her, where her work is headed next and more. And if you are in Bucharest this weekend don’t miss seeing her at AUTOR Fair.

How did you decide to become a jewellery designer?
From the young age, I guess when I was 7, my parents decided to put me at a private drawing studio for children, which was run by a couple of talented industrial designers. I have been studying there for 10 years and I think this is where my first and basic design knowledge comes from.
After that, I continued my education for 4 more years in fine art and oil painting college in a small city in the south of Ukraine, where I was living back then. Decision to become a jewelry designer came actually in a short time after my immigration to Israel.
I realized that I was not satisfied with my previous education and so I decided to try something new, to challenge myself with such a profession that can be not only the technique for me, but also something that gives me an opportunity to transform through the objects my ideas, feelings and memories.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your creations?
Nature and reptiles, contemporary and gothic architecture, Egon Schiele drawings. One can notice some black color, or special connection knots and other details in my pieces, textures and also how smooth body is often complemented by geometric and sharps lines.

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After graduating in Tel Aviv, your next steps brought you to Eastern Europe. Why Prague and what does it mean living here for your work?
The reason is very simple and quite common 🙂 My husband has been living in Prague for long time and brought me over there.
As a matter of fact, Prague is a very inspiring city, with a lot of impressive architecture. On the other hand I really miss Tel-Aviv and the sea and its Bauhaus buildings.

You’ve had an active presence at design events in Eastern Europe: in Prague, in Bucharest. Tell us more about your experience there. Where will you be heading in the future?
You are right! This season is hot and keeps me busy. Right after the AUTOR I am taking part in Prague Design Week 2016 on the first week of May in Prague.
As far as my next direction, I always say do not make second step prior to the first one. Since in fact I have just started, I still believe I have a long way to go with developing my own brand. I am curious where it will lead me. We’ll see.

What projects/collections do you have in store? And what materials do you particularly enjoy working with?
I think my pieces are sort of eclectic way to express the feelings. It can be, for instance, some dramatic event, memory about my grandparents or belief in some superstition.
In my jewelry pieces, I connect different natural materials such as leather, wool, horsehair and even glass with silver. One can say that all those are traditional, but not new. However, I can find a lot of power in these materials and by connecting them together. I am trying to create a new and unique piece of art with my own story behind.
Moreover, I have an obsession with rings and I am constantly looking for new versions and forms 🙂 Having said this, it explains as well how my collection keeps on growing.

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Vika Mayzel is young designer from Israel. She was born in Ukraine and in the age of 21 immigrated to Israel. In 2015 graduated from Jewelry Design department of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, in Ramat-Gan, Israel with the bachelor degree in design. Currently lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic. At the moment Vika is developing her own brand Vika Mayzel.Jewelry, which is offering contemporary handcrafted silver jewelry.

Photography: Aya Wind; Makeup: Katy Taurel; Model: Irena Sulekov

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