Opening Thursday 8^th of December at 6 pm
A Solo Show by Szilard GASPAR

44 Sfintii Apostoli Street, Building A, Floor 3
Natiunile Unite Square, Bucharest

Special thank you to Balassi Institute


Szilard Gaspar is a highly skillful young sculptor and a brilliant performance artist coming from the Cluj School of Art, Romania; born in 1991 in Transylvania, the artist is now completing his PhD in Sculpture Department at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, while also being a promising young professional boxer.

The range of performances of the last five years reflect Szilard Gaspar’s increasing interest for integrating specific boxing techniques within the frame of performance art, in order to obtain a most unique and very special conceptual approach; his sportive talent enriches Szilard Gaspar’s research from both a spectacular and a credible perspective.

In Blindfolded solo show, especially conceived for Zorzini Gallery, Szilard Gaspar is exploring the unseen creative forces and energies of the human body and the ways they can be used to leave a trace upon the artistic matter; blindfolded, not seeing and thus not being able to completely control his actions onto the artistic surface, Szilard Gaspar is guided throughout the entire performance by an assistant, who becomes the witness of the creation process. In the end, the result of Szilard Gaspar’s art action remains to be discovered, unfolded and understood along the entire exhibition, by each and every one of us in its own personal manner…